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Are you new to trading and want to get started? Or do you want to continue to learn and develop yourself as a highly skilled trader? With our platform, education and community, we provide you with the necessary information to enhance your decision-making and grow your skills.

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This is why Tradrr works to your advantage.

Footprint Charts

These provide enhanced tick-by-tick detail on every order traded at either bid or ask. Instantaneously documenting this activity provides you with a clear viewpoint and information that gives you the edge you need to succeed.

Volume Profiles

Volume Profiles consists of advanced charting displaying trading activity. This enables you to observe support and resistance levels clearly and visibly with High Volume Nodes (HVN) and  Low Volume Nodes (LVN).

Anytime, anywhere

With our software working on all devices, as an application on MacOS and Windows as well as in your browser, you are able to trade anytime, anywhere. With PRO and PRO+ you are also able to trade from multiple accounts at the same time.


Evolve as a Tradrr with our beginner and advanced educational courses.

Order Flow – The Basics

What is Order Flow? During this course you will get insight and examples related to the integration of the DOM, Footprint and related Volume Profile charting techniques and decision making.

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