Order Flow Fast-Track

Enhance Your Performance

Exponentially shorten your learning curve by working with the pros.

Trading requires dedication and perseverance.

Trading without the right guidance means you will be losing time, money and most likely also your motivation. At Tradrr we help you overcome the struggles every trader deals with from the get-go.


Endless information streams will be detrimental to your trading success.

Misplaced trust.

Social media charlatans offering get rich quick schemes.

Wrong Framework.

Incorrect frameworks that you cannot stick to will have a negative impact.

Letting emotions take over.

If prey, think, hope or wish are involved do not make the trade.

Here's how we help you overcome your trading concerns:


Guidance at every point.

At Tradrr utilizing our combined 50+ years of trading experience, enables us to teach you how to trade, with our platform, to enhance your trading daily.

Learning how to trade correctly is a marathon, not a sprint. There are no shortcuts; no quick wins. Over the next 30 days you will:

  • Learn the Tradrr platform inside and out.
  • Get comfortable with trading.
  • Launch your first successful and unsuccessful trades.
  • Learn how to deal with emotions.
  • Build your own trading framework.

Group Coaching Sessions

Tackling emotions when it comes to trading is important. In becoming a good trader it is hard to call yourself out based upon your own behaviour. Personal accountability can only go so far. That’s why we developed Tradrr to include Group sessions where you can share your trading experiences, set your goals, and have the community including Tradrr mentors hold you accountable.

Within these sessions you will learn:
  • How to trade independently
  • Core theories behind Order flow
  • Reading charts to understand market behavior
  • Reduce trading risks and improve win-rates
  • How to deal with volatile trading days, weeks or months
  • Specific strategies that match your risk tolerance and trading style
  • Insider knowledge you would otherwise not learn

Experience you can trust.

Tradrr has been developed by and with traders who have been trading successfully for years. They use the platform in their day-to-day trading themselves to ensure you get access to the best information, tools and experience that’s out there.

For more background information you can read our story here.

  • Manage your trades better using Order flow
  • Stay out of bad trades instead of taking them
  • Learn more advanced order flow setups
  • Trade with the algo’s instead of against them
  • Manage and minimize trading risk
  • Integrate Footprint charts with our order entry DOM

A framework built for you.

With Tradrr we have established a teaching structure that will help you build a trading framework that is tailored to you. Building out your own unique framework that works for you will help you overcome most of the day-to-day pain points that any trader faces.

Hi! I am Niels.

I want to personally welcome you to Tradrr.

Over the last 13+ years I have been a successfully active trader. Learning the ins-and-outs of the markets, new methodologies, psychological assistance and by having access to the right software and tools I have been able to streamline my journey.

But over the last few years I have noticed that it has become increasingly difficult to compete in making profitable trades due to the home-field advantage of the big banks and trading houses. These supercomputer supported teams have put us behind and our profiting from our losses, this inspired me to set out on a new path. To build a solution that will help me regain that edge and level the playing field.

A rough concept has over the years developed into a dedicated platform, that I am now happy to introduce to you as Tradrr. Armed with the analytics from Tradrr, our learnings and our community we can tackle the competition and get back to making profitable trades.

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