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About us

We created Tradrr to help you grow into the best trader you can be.

Years ago, we noticed how much our trading world was in need of a better, clearer and more transparent tool for trading. We built Tradrr with decades of trading experience that was built on the foundation of AMS Trading Group. Which some of you might still know. Our platform is second to none, because we connect the power of the software with hands-on experience and guidance. We love seeing people learn, become better traders and change their lives.

Our promise

We believe in constantly evolving the world of trading.

By giving back to the community.

Tradrr is designed by traders for traders. We believe in community-based trading where you, and others like you, have a way of communicating and learning from each other.

By creating a one-stop shop for both a platform and education.

With Tradrr you not only have access to the best trading software there is, you can constantly grow and evolve with our courses, 1-on-1 sessions and Tradrr Live sessions. It is a ‘grow together’ mindset that we believe in. 

By helping you become your own force in the industry.

You will learn how to make better, faster and smarter trading decisions by using our versatile, clear and transparent tool. We believe in empowering the users of our platform so you take flight and become the best trader you can be.  

Meet our founder

“If you start trading with Tradrr, you will never stop learning.”

Ready to join our community?