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Tradrr helps you make better decisions.

Our trading platform, designed by the most experienced traders, gives you the best trading environment. Combined with its intuitive charting tools and real-time data, you’re able to make the best decisions possible. With Tradrr you’ll be able to focus on futures trading and Order Flow Trading, while staying in full control.

Tools and more

Tradrr is designed to help you grow as a trader.

Order Flow indicators

From Footprint to Volume Analysis, from the DOM to all of the included indicators, the Tradrr platform, operational on both Windows and MacOS, is exceptional. We took a great deal of time ensuring that whatever we presented was in a logical, clear, easy to read and view format. This enables you to interpret them then to act.

Educational instruction materials

If you are one of the 30.0+ million trading securities for the first time, Tradrr is here for you. We would be thrilled to help you get started. If you’ve been trading for years, investigate our advanced courses and check out what a PRO+ membership offers along with our proprietary ZoneDecoder algorithm. Looking for help on other related trading topics let us know.

Proprietary templates and tools

We want you to become the best damn trader you can be and to prove it to you we give you a head start. Remember, we built this platform for ourselves. Platform templates, the ones we actually trade with, are included when you sign-up and the first 14-days are on us.

Personal attention

The most attractive, important quality Tradrr exhibits comes from deep within. We all want to “beat the market”, regardless of what the market is. We always look for ways to improve platform performance, keeping you updated with our latest thoughts and insights in real-time. 


This proprietary algorithm illustrates distinctive support and resistance levels by taking volume, time and range into account. Currently, ZoneDecoder is tweaked to analyze the ES. Analysis on additional contracts will be released soon. 


Become part of the Tradrr community! Get help and advice from other experienced traders. With TradrrChat you can exchange ideas, thoughts and experiences with each other 24/7. 


Ready to become part of the Tradrr community?

Trading is more than just the right tooling. It’s about consistency, having something – or someone – to fall back on. Trading is not a highway to wealth and growth. It takes time and effort. The more time you invest, the more you will grow. Start now, and we will help you become the best trader you can be. 

  • Community-based trading
  • Software that is constantly updated to perform better and better
  • Exclusive access to beginner and advanced online courses

All the necessary tools you need to improve your trading results.

Intuitive visualizations

We spend a lot of time in ensuring that our platform presents information in a logical, clear and easy to view format. All indicators, like Footprint and Volume Analysis, enable you to interpret them and act in the best way possible.

Continuing education

Whether you are one of the 30.0+ million first-time traders or have been trading for years: Tradrr is there for you. You can follow beginner and advanced courses, use our proprietary algorithm, join our worldwide community and more.

Optimized performance

Trading often means processing data fast and accurate. Order flow charts use tick data which contains significantly more information than normal candlestick charts. Tradrr has optimized this performance to let you trade as efficiently as possible.

Anytime, anywhere

With our software working on all devices, as an application on macOS and Windows as well as in your browser, you are able to trade anytime, anywhere. With PRO and PRO+ you are also able to trade from multiple accounts at the same time. 

Ready to become the best trader you can be?